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Hey there ! My name is Damien Martin, I am a French front-end developer currently living in Valencia (Spain). I enjoy building beautiful and responsive sites. If you are a business seeking a web presence or an employer looking to hire, you can get in touch with me here.

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Hewago - 2016

Hewago is a new way to travel for the week-end!

Hewago is the second project that I have launched with my friends Antoine and Matthieu. With Hewago you can travel from Paris in a surprise destination in Europe for 175€. Our first version (live version) is made in Php and we are currently working on a new version in Ruby on Rails (preview).

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Mockup LeVestiaire

LeVestiaire - 2015

The fastest way to book a sport game.

LeVestiaire is my first project with my friends Matthieu and Antoine. We love playing soccer but it's so painfull to book a field and meet 10 players for a game. So we created LeVestiaire, in 3 clics you can book your pitch and invite your friends to join your soccer game. We launched 3 landing pages and we got ~25% of conversion rate on the last version. We were starting to build the product in Ruby on Rails (we had learned the language with Antoine for this project) before we stoped the project and moved on Hewago.

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Mockup Worcy

Worcy - 2015

Providing corporate discounts for employees of SME

Worcy is my first startup. I launched it with Andrés in Valencia in Spain in the Spanish incubator Demium Startup. Worcy provided corporate discounts for employee of Small and Medium companies in Spain. We negociated 55 partnerships with some great brand (Just-Eat, Helpling, Hawkers, Sixt, Smartbox, etc.) and counted almost 200 users in Valencia.

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Mockup Mi Comida Rapida

Mi Comida Rápida - 2015

Delightful & organic meal delivered in 15 minutes!

Mi Comida Rápida is a quick project we wanted to test with my friend Pierre. Mi Comida Rápida delivers you delicious and fresh meals in less than 15 minutes.

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Mockup Isowiell

Les Chroniques d'Isowiell - 2015

So did you say epic?

Les Chroniques d'Isowiell is a novel that I wrote with Pierre. We built a Fantasy universe and wrote a novel and some short stories. Here is our website to promote our universe.

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